Letter to Monet Page 218, 2016
100000 plus brush strokes
Oil on canvas 36″ x 24″

Letter to Monet
The “Letter to Monet” series began in July 2004, two days after returning to my San Francisco studio from a visit to Musee Marmottan in Paris. The inspiration for this series came from one particular Monet painting I discovered at this museum. I was awestruck. The painting exuded a gentleness that was so powerful that it evoked the deepest emotions within me.

What I experienced at Musee Marmottan was so raw that it still overwhelmed my senses. As I faced my blank canvas at my studio, I began layering my oil paints one after the other and all the while I noticed myself constantly asking Monet, “How did you do that?” “How could it be done?” This was how my Letter to Monet series began.

Completed 215 pieces in private and corporate collection, collected worldwide.


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